A Neighbor Alike

We live on 2.5 acres of quaint Texas country farmland. Our neighbors own the adjacent properties on their own 1-2.5 acre lots. This gives us space between our windows but still allows for the friendly “howdy” and wave.

I admit, some mornings I roll out of bed and just want to feed my critters and open the coops before getting dressed and ready for my day…like the days when I have to wear “real” clothes for going into town. (“Real” clothes are those few items in my closet that are free of stains and rips).

As I stroll out to my farm yard sporting pajama bottoms, baggy t-shirt, and rubber boots, I always hope that no one sees me…or worse, someone waves me over for a chat! (Because, it’s the Texas country and Texas country folk love a good chat!)(I love a good chat).

While I scan the parameter, I see movement: a neighbor cutting grass on his riding lawn mower and another being paraded by his chickens and pygmy goats for feeding time. Do I panic? Do I run back to the house and get dressed? What if they notice my pink polka dots?…dead give away I am not *actually* dressed.

Then, relief passes over me and I am filled with delight: Grass Cutter is wearing sweats, undershirt, and slippers. Feeder is wearing undershirt, boxers, and boots. Then out walks The Cherry on the sundae of neighborly unity: Feeder’s wife waves me over to our fence line wearing pink polka dots and the same rubber boots as me.

The Cherry and I have a good chat. Obviously, great minds think alike.