The Wind Poem


It started as a breeze, gently moving loose strands of hair across my face. These common breezes rarely build so suddenly to a gale. Rather, they offer comfort to cool from hard work.

They sweep their hands across the grassy pastures making earth move like sea. Round leaves catch light and twinkle like gowns of sequence.

A light breeze chases away mosquitoes.

When the young fruit trees start to bend I wonder if I staked them well enough. I watch how flexible they are, dancing in the wind, bending low as they get jostled.

Seed heads of the milkweeds burst open, releasing hundreds of seeds into the sky.

So one day, after the breeze blew away the mosquitoes, and the young fruit trees were bending, I jumped into the wind with the milkweed seed.

I let the wind carry me where it wanted.

At first, I was terrified. then exhilarated. then apprehensive. then relieved. then terrified again.

The wind carried me away from my home and my land. Under my feet, flew birds. I looked down and realized that what I was doing was quite unnatural for a human.

Panic set in, my arms started flapping. Maybe I thought it was up to me to fly. But humans can’t fly. I wasn’t flying. I am not a bird.

As I fought the air current, I realized to my horror, that I had no control of the wind. It was stronger than me. It could smash me to the ground in an instant.

Suddenly, I was falling.

As I fell, I felt no breeze. The hair didn’t even tickle my face.

I cursed myself for being so foolish as to jump into the gale.

And then, I contemplated the irony of birds under my feet. So I laughed and readied myself for the end of me.

But I didn’t end.

The wind swooped me over the grassy pastures. We made waves over the earth as if it were sea.We wore gowns of twinkling leaves. And my feet never touched the ground again.

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