The Farm Project

Art Show Fundraiser

Please text or call Jamie at 512-677-9102 with the following:
Your Name                                                                 
The Title of the Painting (Scroll down for titles)
Original or Print (Print is exact dimensions of original as fine art canvas giclee)
Your Preferred Method of Payment (cash, Venmo, or PayPal)

Text example:
Jamie Bob Jones

Originals will be available for pick up in October. Please allow 2 weeks for print order fulfillment. 

Jamie will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your order and arrange payment. If you do not hear from her, please try again…she may have been out walking the llama and missed it…

Thank-you for your support! We hope you enjoy your painting as much as we enjoy the animal in it!


FARM ART SERIES 2017: (not to scale…please note dimensions)

Blue. 8″x 10″. Original $125. Print $50

Dreamy. 14″x 30″. Original $435. Print $175.

Happy. 12″x 12″. Original $250. Print $75.

House Dog. 11″x 14″. Original $295. Print $75.

Introspection. 2’x 3′. Original SOLD. Print $495.

Jacapo. 14″x 30″. Original $435. Print $175.

Motherhood. 12″x 12″. Original $250. Print $75

Tootsie. 11″x 14″. Original $295. Print $75.

Whitney Cow. 2’x 4′. Original SOLD. Print $495.

10 Sparrows. 14″x 30″. Original $375. Print $175.